WOLFPAC and SugarDaddy Productions are pleased as punch to be brought to you by the following cool as all hell companies! Make sure you check them all out as we would never steer you wrong! If you are interested in sponsoring WOLFPAC please email us with any inquiries.

The Girls of WOLFPAC Premier Adult Web Site!: See a lot more of the hot, freaky WOLFPAC girls!

BWare Clothing: Apparel for the living dead!

CRUNK!!! Energy Drink: Real juices & no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors! #crunkenergy

PiecemakerGear: Platinum-cured premium indestructible, yet flexible silicone pipes! #BlazeYourOwnTrail

COLDCOCK: American aged bourbon with 100% all natural herbs! #TakeYourShot

Redrum: 100% Virgin Island Rum blended with natural tropical flavors!

Raven Lounge: WOLFPAC's favorit watering hole!

EroticBPM: One of the first in alt porn!

The Studios at Town Center: The LV's premier recording and rehearsal studio!

Wicked Sushi: Certified Web & Graphic Designer

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