Spawned from a makeshift home studio in their parents' basement apartment, "Project Dim Mak" comes to us from the efforts of two great musical legends; well at least in their own minds. A collaborated effort from the tone deaf backup vocalist and mediocre turntablist of The Bloodhound Gang, Q-Ball and the lyrically challenged front man from WOLFPAC, Daddy Long Legs. Who just so happens to be one of the former founding members of The Bloodhound Gang as well. Project Dim Mak boldly takes music into a direction where no other artists dare to tread. Music targeted for bargain bins at The Wall and Camelot Music. "Don't Mess Around With A Guy That Drinks Alone" is the first of many soon to come singles from this deranged duo. Its clear that these two self proclaimed musical savants were destine to work together, probably at an Arby's or Carl's Jr. somewhere in the Midwest. So if your brave enough, come join Project Dim Mak on a musical adventure you'll sure to forget except for that impossible smell you won't be able to get out of your clothing.

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