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(C) SugarDaddy Productions, Inc.
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So when you heart starts to pound with the wicked drum
Somthin Wicked This Way Comes!
Here we come, here we here we come come
Somthin Wicked This Way Comes!

I know that you can feel me as I keep getting nearer
The reflection of myself is pure evil in the mirror
But I'm just getting started things are gonna get weirder
And the places I'm TAKEN HER no one will hear her...scream
One quick slice to her soft chest
Daddy always knows best
One quick slice to her supple breast and fuck it
We're chopping up the rest
I flips the corpse up and call it heads or tails
When it comes down there's skin and entrails
Well I know, I know this method always fails
Nothing to do so I guess I'll re-dress
As I'm glancing around blood, mess
All I wanted to do was feel her flesh with
One last caress!
Try to run you can try to hide
You can lock your door but I'm already inside
Nothing you can do as your children cry
What's it feel like to know your gone die
I'm something wicked right before your eyes and I'm coming

(Chorus 2X)

When you close your eyes I'm the nightmare while you sleep
I will play the wolf and you will be my helpless sheep
Its your soul I'm gonna reap when your rotting 6 foot deep
I'm causing more destruction than a cavity creep
Now I kicks the I'll misshapen lines my lyrics mystify
Its flies in this buttermilk, shoo fly fly
So sit back and listen to my wicked lullaby
That's why I'm D to the A to the double D, Y
Gets the styles flowing like a Shaolin Temple monk
You punks I'm gonna dunk when you try to talk that junk
I'm the teacher of this funk in a class you'll always flunk
They'll never find the body when it's decaying in my trunk
As anger twists my mind apart the darkness crawls inside
You may think your prepared but nothing else is like this ride
Homicide is justified, I'm violence amplified
Evil in a form that is so purely personified
So Listen very closely as I plan my mastermind
My soul and all the evil are completely intertwined
Walking home alone and I will sneak up from behind
Crack, crack, snap, snap, twist, twist, your spine!

(Chorus 2X)

I'll chop your kids up with my Ginsu knife
On my 18th birthday got twenty five to life
Ain't gonna be no cell mates bitch
So watch your back or you'll be rotten in a ditch
Now you play me for a fool and that ain't to fuckin' smart
And I'm flying' through the air like a poisoned tip lawn dart
Stole my brand new Pro Keds from a local K-Mart
Coming' off the top ropes like Jim "The Anvil" Niedhart
Slice ya UP and dice ya UP like Yan can cook
Scooping out you innards and I'll hang them from some hooks
The warden always said I had a negative outlook
I've been this fucked up since the first soul I took
Wolfpac on the prowl and we're smellin' something foul
We got more smarts than Woodsy The Owl
So we're going fuckin' crazy cause we got mad cow
And you know we're around when you here the Pac howl
Spin ya around like a merry go round
I'll be moving so fast your face will kiss the ground
Now my ass is hell bound my soul's in the lost in found
Chop chop chop and you won't make a sound

(Chorus till end)

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