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Hide and Seek
(C) SugarDaddy Productions, Inc.
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No place to run no place to hide
No place to run there's no place
No place to run the place to hide
No place to run the place to hide

Because there's no place to hide there's no place to run
Let the sleeping dogs lie while the wolves have their fun
You get the creepy spooky feeling I'm only two steps behind
You feel my breath against your neck and soon your soul will be mine
So let me share in your grim and future like a sick lunatic
As you're running through the forest you think that something went click
No body, blood or fingerprints that is my favorite trick
I want to step inside your chest canal to see what makes you tick tick
Your body starts a shaken it when you feel that I am near
The presence I possesses is one from young you've learned fear
So pray you're not a victim of my next gruesome crime
In the book of revelations I am the seventh sign
Rabbit like a savage beast my mouth pours foam
For all the of endless torture see my soul was forced to roam
Through the deepest jungle for your body they will comb
It's hard to dial 911 with broken fingers on the phone


Moonlight serenades the earth
And as the dark clouds cover my hour approaches
It's playtime and I need another playmate
So I creep into the college to hide and wait
Let the game begin says a voice from within
I can almost feel her skin is my adrenaline kicks in
Can you feel me as we become one
There's no place to hide there's no place to run
24 restless hours till I'm breaking out of prison
It's like a resurrection from the deepest grave I've risen
Confusion clouds my mind points me to follow satanism
I challenge all the churches to provide my exorcism
Travel state to state to find the girlies to molest
You shouldn't feel so bad your just another conquest
How something be so evil you will never digest
Before I end your life I'll grant you one last request


Like Miami Vice I'm sneaking up on you like Sonny Crocket
Your actions proven useless as your arms torn from its socket
As I'm prying off your head I find my picture in your locket
Memories replaced by 24 vertebrates left in my pocket
Ya never see me coming when I sneak up from behind
I wonder what the fear must taste like when it's coursing through your mind
A few last fading mumbled prayers since you since you're out of time
I planned it so it was your face was the only piece they'll never find
You awaken from the chill in a tub filled with ice
Two slits in your back my cold steel slice
Don't make a move you can't even breathe
Cause you're lung is in my hand and I'm coming for your spleen.
This time your just another lamb for the slaughter
Baptize you as a daughter use your blood for holy water
I'm a product of your fear let me run my course
Cause I stalk without prejudice and kill without remorse

(Chorus till end)

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