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Out on the road and were outta control!
Three hundred sixty days of touring takin its toll!
Up on stage and were steeling your soul!
Never ever fittin in! Square peg round hole!

On the bus no one ever sat next to me
And in the lunchroom no one was nice you see
All alone through the halls with no ends
Till the final bell rang it was make believe friends
Still misanthropic is the way we choose live
A care is something I never ever cared to give
And while we're on the subject another thing I should confess
That what you thought of me kid I couldn't care less
Never care about your fashion or your rules
Your top ten music social circles you chumps are fools
I make my own way and choose my own path
And in the end its me, I'm the one who laughs last
Misery loves its company is what I have found
And every time you try to rise someone pulls ya down
Because of that respect is earned and not just given
And straight underground is the way that we'er living
The bluff your holding is the one that you fold
Question everything never do as your told
Here we stand were the brave and the bold
Were always Pony Boy'ing and were always staying gold!

(Chorus 2X)

Some know me as Buddha but you can call me Capt'n Cracka
Not caring bout you think and lovin living like a slacka
I'm a punked out thug with girls and money on my mind or
I'm a thugged out punk with thoughts of the anarchistic kind
Growing up their fingers pointed sayin "Most Likely to enjail"
Instead of having my back its like they'd rather see me fail
They tried to hold me down still I never got caught
Cant stop the real me from busting out like the Juggernaut
I ain't hip or with it and thats ok and thats a fact
I'm Duncan Pinderhughes cause youre a real class act
Known for gettin more tail then a marsupi lami lami
More complex and more angles then that ancient origami
I'll help you out in a jam but I ain't who you think I am
If I see your fruity pebbles her bed rock like bam
I shoot to loot pillage and unlock whether she is a moaner
This is my stoner age a rebel living as a loner
Ya never picked me first and had no interest in your clique
To the world an outsider but I prefer derelict
Call me names like loser cause in my speech I sometimes tick
I got a label for you too and its d-d-d-d DICK!

(Chorus 2X)

I am not like you... (Ha ha ha ha yeah)
And I don't like you too...(I don't like em either)
So do us all favor and kill your self (ha ha ha)
We are not like you...And we don't like you too...
So do us all a favor and kill your self!
We are not like you...And we don't like you too...
So do us all a favor and kill yourself...and kill yourself!

(Chorus till end)

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