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(Pre chorus)
This is what happens when were calling your bluff
Your trying to step hard and your trying to be tough
So tip your head back and lets finish the cup
So get out your seat, and put your dukes up

Were coming threw, Put your dukes up!
For you and your crew, Put your dukes up!
Pretend ya never knew, Put your dukes up!
Now whatcha ya going do, Put your dukes up!

So now your standing there bleeding with your shaking knees
Jiggling all around like a case of Parksons disease
You better swing fast or your going down quick
The only thing your fighting now is the urge to suck dick
Run instead of fight I though you boys were tight
I guess you ignored all the barking forcing me to have to bite
Sure you can hide but sooner or later I'm a snag ya
Then ill tap that jaw harder than John Holmes on Viagra
You think you're such a man like your George Papadapolis
Forcing me to transform back again into Hot Rodimus
Prime, Your losing like Frank Grimes buried bodies hard to find
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry so now it's clobbering time
My adrenaline is pumping and my heart steady thumping
Keep running at the mouth your bloody body I'll be dumping
I'm the noise that goes a bumping, I'm the wicked that is something
So many kicks inside my tricks that even Jackie Chain is jumping
I might not be the last standing but I'm a goining out swinging
Causing cardiac arrest with the death blows that I'm bringing
Its ya knock out bell I'm ringing on the walls your brains are clinging
After its all said and done Amazing Grace your family's singing
So your bluff has been called its you and I toe to toe
Best be backing up them words and stop sayin you don't know
Cause I kicks like Sho Kosugi when I'm in the Do Jo
And now your out like Joey Layerence, (Whoa!)

(Pre chorus)

It's time again for the show stopper ya baby girl's panty dropper
I'm smacking and cracking jaws just like a Wonka gobstopper
Down to the Good, to the Bad, the Ugly go ahead and make my day
I'm putting more your dawgs to sleep than the A-S-P-C-A
I'm connecting like Lincoln logs and you're croaking like bull frogs
The odds are stacking up and I slam 'em harder than Alf pogs
Your family crew and boys keep saying they got your back
But then they turn their tails and run at the first sign of WOLFPAC
We're rejecting your society, Rejecting your society
Beating you to just one knee, Beating you to just one knee
Now you bowing down before thee, Bowing down before thee
See its v...i...o...l...e...n...c...e!
Now Ill take ya ass out like I'm the Big Rague
And I'm plucking all these chickens like I'm Frank Purdue
So after I'm done your gonna need E.M.S
Cause it two to your face and five in your chest
Your reminiscent of a porno tape you're lacking where it counts
You're seeing black like Little Mac inside of Mike Tyson's Punch-out
I'm cleaning up the street with you there's no where else to run
I'll beat you like I'm beating meat leaving you stunned like Tommy Gunn
Now my senses keep on growing and the environment is slowing
Fists are crashing down on you like an Al Queida flown Boeing
All the world's still knowing in jail it's fella's that you're blowing
Toe to toe we be a throwing till bones is showing and blood is flowing

(Chorus till end)

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