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No matter how you try it will always stay the same
Watch the blood pour and let the blood rain
No matter what you do it's the same as before
Feel the blood rain and let the blood pour
No matter how it goes its for the thrill of the kill
What the blood splatter let the blood spill
No matter what you think your reality will shatter
Feel the blood spill and let the blood splatter

So guess who's back to take you life like I'm Jack Kavorkian
Six hundred sixty six times more evil as Michael Knights Twin
It's Daddy Long Legs, nope they call me Daddy Long stroke
Because my balls are so big I made an elephant choke

I'm that crazy cracka freak you know by the name I go by Buddha
Tearing through this scene like a cannibalistic barracuda
I be that secret weapon X to keep the girlies steady cumming
Layin wood in all these beavers like a Hacksaw Jim Duggan

In the shadows of the boondocks you will we three
Oh no its WOLFPAC and we been waiting oh so patiently
Like a grave digger on crack you know I'm rapid diggin ditches
And just like bride of Frankenstein bitches be getting stitches

We got more flavor than a Snoopy sno-cone machine
and we got more tight ends than your little sisters swim team
Never seen somebody so pissed as the girl that I torched
But I guess hell have no fury like a woman scorched.

Cause I'm pure demonic in the evilest state
The words come from my heart with intent to aggravate
So quit your yapping take a swing and step on up to the plate
I'm gonna carve your face in ribbons like Tex did to Sharon Tate

But what remains inside my brain I'm still yet trying to maintain
They threaten with restrains for screaming Gremlins on the plane
Ya'll know the fable of Able I'm as sane a brother Cain
Even Doogie Howser diagnosed me clinically insane


After the show your girlfriend came backstage and showed me her tits
And then I popped more holes in the parking lot than David Berkowitz
With authority, I take your head and smash it to the CURB
Teeth flying out the mouth and now I'm laughing because I'm disturbed

And your nose is steady bleeding like you sniffed too many lines
And i'll shake you by the neck like I was shaking a bottle of Heinz
You'll never hear a sound we keep it wicked underground
Anything you ever put up I'mma match it pound for pound

Then I'll take you to a place where no one can you hear you yell
Thirty feet down the well this Louieville makes your head swell
When I swing I hit harder than Sgt Slaughter and knock you farther
Away from me than Hulk Hogan when I knocked up his daughter

As you sleeping safe in silence counting sheep in your head
Not knowing you're only 30 seconds away from being dead
Ya finally wake to hear something up on your roof
Its Daddy Long Legs butt-ass naked with a bottle of 100 proof

Up in my face is a bad move what you trying to prove
Like jerking off with Icy Hot yo its not a smart move

The words I be slinging stinging harder than a frantic Spanish bee
Leaving you FAZED AND DAZED like Muhammed Ali
And just like Bronson Pinchot I will be that perfect stranger
I may be lost in space but now you are face to face with danger

Cause we're rapping like a cripple cause I can't hold a note
But if your stepping up to WOLFPAC than you'll get a slit throat

(Chorus till end)

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