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(Ahhh, are you lost sweetheart? Are you afraid honey? Well why don't you come with me? No! Alright, I'll sing ya a song till your mama comes back)

So when the world has left you with no place to turn
Just turn your eyes to me the chosen one you'll learn
And when the darkness seems to be up all around
Just use my light to guide you up off the ground
And when you feel the sadness build until you can not bear
Just speak my name together and forever then Ill be there
And when you fee your sins are unforgivable
Just sin again for me salvation deliverable
See I understand, all you need to take my hand
And suffer unto me until we reach the holy land
And don't do as I do only do as I say
And don't turn the other cheek, make sure they all pay
My flesh is your flesh and their blood you'll need to bleed
And when you take their bodies make sure you don't forget to feed
Ill save you from the sadness all the things that cause you strife
All I ask in return is your soul and your life cause

(Chorus 2X)
Are you lost sweetheart are you afraid honey
What we're sellings free! So come follow me!
The jokes on them, they won't find it funny
What we're sellings free! So come follow me!

Ever feel like a drone digging your own shallow grave
For when you come and follow me I shall deliver what you crave
Money hungry cowards preaching to worship their lords
Though our sunny days are certain when they're fallin on our swords
Are you floored by the thought of an eternal existence
A utopia above the sky only need to seek assistance
Wish to no longer be a faceless peasant walking amongst the hordes
Along with me and all my guidance you will reap your just rewards
What's your life worth if in the end a promise broken
See to me their hard pressed once thy sermon has been spoken
That whats being taught is not in your interest best
What I teach is what you sought and I will raise you above the rest
Test my teachings and you will see the words I'm saying true
If you wish to see the way than you know now what to do
Give me your tired and weak and the weary and the meek
Yeah and I will be their Sheppard and ye who follow will be my sheep

(Chorus till end)
(God is in his holy temple, earthy thoughts be silent now...)

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