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(I don't think I would have gotten anywhere near the amount of, I don't know how to describe it, I don't want to say pleasure or excietment I I don't know really how to decribre how I was feeling at the time but I dont think I would have gotten the same thing out of it if I had like shot someone or if I just stabbed them...)

So there you are nothing special just a number
I walk among you passing thru your daily slumber
I'm just a shadow out the corner of your eye
I'm just another faceless memory that's passing you on by
So each and every step you step I know
And each and ever place you go I go
But you need not worry or panic you see
Cause the things that I have planned for you only happen on TV
And as to why your chosen I'm not quite sure
But now I'm only interested in the pain you will endure
So I initiate contact in a black mask and black van
Strangulate until skin color changes like Zartan
See its heaven that's sent me here to you
And if a you fear you've reason to
Because my animosity is slowly spreading like a virus
I want to see me through your eyes so I'm digging out your iris

We are the who when you ask who's there
Don't Be afraid of the dark
We are the ones living under each stair
Don't be afraid of the dark
We are disease blowing through the air
Don't be afraid of the dark
We are the ones that you best beware
Don't be afraid of the dark

(After they were dead I remember the very first feeling that I had was my heart was really pounding], I mean it was really pounding)

Been following him for a week and he is far from unique
Just another tweaking junkie cashing in by using the weak
Sneakin a bump whenever he can just trying to be sleek
I'll be that bump bump bump in the night that's sure to make him shriek
Come on in it's your place and nothing is out of the norm
Faceless as the night I strike and let your darkest fears swarm
Hush Hush Hush I'm the boogey man in his truest form
Shut your eyes and shut your mouth relax with chloroform
It's just another day another life I will be taking
If someone actually cared then someone would be faking
Just a piece of trash to be removed just like a cup
It's only right for him to meet me time to wake his ass up
Welcome to my slaughter house you puny little maggot
Imma keep my camera rolling like a deranged Bob Sagot
Each and every moment every sound all your fears
Saved and forever replayed for only my ears to hear


(Nothing they could have said or done, it was me it wasn't them. They were dead as soon as I saw them)

Beggin for your life is only going to make this longer
All your struggle and all your cries only makes my death grip stronger
You wronged her when you sold her something for a little fun
Now she's gone and you are here nothing place to hide no place to run
You awake in total darkness but still I wait
For the drugs to kick in and the pupils dilate
As quickly as you wake the chemicals induce a lull
Something has to give and it'll probably be your skull
For the things I got planned you're gonna want to be sedated
Free leave as you please but you've been heavily medicated
Through the door to the left is the exit I'm recommending
But that's hard long walk with gashes through you achilles tendon
I wonder how many more times must I walk down this road
And how much longer till the acid erodes
And how many more slices can I still make
I guess it just depends on how much you can take

(Chorus till end)

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