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(Thanks for coming in today. Why don't ya have a seat and tell me a little bit about yourself)

I be that B to the U to the double D HAA
Transformed by the ancient spirits to the ever living Mumm-Ra
I'm more than meets the eye, there is much more than it may seem
Thoughts of my hands around your neck, I cant wait to hear you scream
They call me Daddy Long Legs AKA Perfect Tommy
And I'm ripping through the crowd like an flesh starved Zombie
On the periodic table I'm the element of surprise.
I'm the friction what chu missing let me get between them thighs
I'm a deranged super villain with a hero complex
Save the world from myself twice then have some with crazy sex
My minds deadlier, than public enemy and Anthrax
I bring the noise louder than the Thundertank from Thundercats
So fuck a vegetarian, I eat steak
And as long as I can squeeze them, they ain't fake
Cause It's just a matter of time till you see me on your Wheaties
I'm cumin sugar coated my actions give you diabetes

Try to stay focused, It ain't hard to see
In the end I'm all that matters because its all about me!
Explain it nice and simple, you'll understand E-Z
In the end I'm all that matters because its all about me!
It is basic common sense, I know you'll all agree
In the end I'm all that matters because its all about me!
It doesen't matter what you think, theres no "I" in "we
In the end I'm all that matters because its all about me!

(So tell me, what are your strengths and weakness?)
I'm a unique snowflake cumming like a avalanche

Snd you know my touch is gold girly as if my name was Blanch
Branching out nation wide from the US to Japan
While I'm smoked out and chillin drinkin the rest of my Hieneken
Too hot for TV hell I'm too hot for satellite
A good night for me always ends in a cell at night
I'm moving weight then a whole fleet of Deloreans
I'm swinging two handed thirty thousand Midichlorians
Bringing the anarchy leaving the carnage coast to coast
Pits and chicks and tits, ya know we be bring you the most
So if you have something to say, best be smart or it'll backlash
My mind's a steppin razor and it's faster than the Flash
And I wont be going home until those panties are soaked
And you wont be going home until that hymen is broke
And I will not leave your bedroom till your dad has a stoke
I'm a lethal combination like black powder and coke


(So tell me where do you see yourself in ten years?)
Like Legs said ya don't mess with a guy that drinks alone
But now your girl is in my dog house and she sure likes the bone
She calls me the Keymaster and you know I always Stay Puft
she looks great inside my bed and even better when she's cuffed
I'm the hardest of the hard my hard-on has a priapism
I'm spitting so dam wicked my teeth need an exorcism
I'm eroding more beachfront then the hurricane Sandy
I'm blowing out more jaws then hard rock candy
I was poisoned, shot, stabbed, stretched, disemboweled, and quartered
But The Scourge of Carpathian can not be stopped or cornered
Even if you win this battle there is knowledge you lack
Because death is but a door and time but a window and I'll be back
I keeps it PMA like my brother Kevin Gill
I livesit death match style like my brother Rudy Hill
Only believe in what I seein' I don't believe the hype they feed
See destruction ain't no option its the end at any speed

(Chorus 2X)
(Well, thanks for coming in, I'll make sure to keep your resume on file)

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