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You know girl how people say opposites attract?
Yeah, when it comes to you and I baby?
They couldn't have been more right.
Lets just say in other words our relationship was handicapped from the start.

When I lay my head at night, every detail I can remember
When your eye caught my eyes, I think it was in mid December
So many cherished memories come rushing back in
Like every time at dinner time, wiping apple sauce from your chin
Or when we had our first date, man I got so damn hyper
But I could tell you were excited to because I had to change your diaper
It was just another signal I was doing something right
With any luck my lips and your beaks would be lockin' before night
When you whisper in my ear kind of reminded me of Golem
And all the exotic positions, due to your lack of a spinal column
All of our love making, all of the time
I'm glad you had to wear that helmet cause I knew I blew your mind
But you blew more than my mind, even with your lack of lips
And I can still recall your touch without those pesky fingertips
Even the distant memories of your E.K.G a beeping
Makes me toss and turn all night until I hardly get to sleeping
I guess it had to come to an end, when push came to shove
When all the weight of the world, would disapproved of our love
Now every memory we shared together just makes me cry
I guess it's why you had to limp off with that kid from Whitney high

(Chorus 2X)

Ooooh, I don't know what to do?
I cant believe its true
Why does it have to be so hard? (to confess)
That I'm in love with a retard.

The first time that I saw her was detention the time I cussed
Her drool glistening as she waddled on that short bus
Only a fool would miss the chance to show an Olympian around the town
Some got that yellow or jungle fever but I like mine with downs
Her face is drooping her eye is floating but hey I call it quirky
At her home I met her life coach he said (hi my name is Corky)
So I bit my lip as life goes on cause that ones just too easy
And I head on to her room so she can tease me sleeve me and please me
Get her in the mood by reading her Green Eggs and Canadian Bacon
Call her my lil' Magilla Gorilla for the noises that she be making
No mistaken she likes it rough turning her on hearing her moan
My monosyllabic girlys only short one chromosome
She wanted me to feed her got bananas started mashin em
I gave them to her my way added protein to that potassium
She likes it real kinky wearing masks hiding the truth
She screamed "Rocky Dennis" "Sloth" and even "Baby Ruth!"
I thought I liked em dead turns out I like em with an empty head
Or possibly inbred you know I want them I'm my bed
Never thought id find a love and that it would always be too hard
But it was all to easy fallin in love with a retard.

(Chorus till end)

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