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As I sit back in my bed thought of us I reminisce
About the love that we once shared when we'd embrace and kiss
Countless hours we're on the phone, late night I'm walking past your home
Praying I get a glimpse of your beauty or that maybe your home alone
But your lights are always out and your windows are always locked shut
So thru the yard Ill try that backdoor but I always wake that mutt
Then its barking never stops inside my head its voice is haunting
So I'm forced to stop its breathing but dead doggie keeps on barking
Taunting me to be a man and show and prove my love to you
and if I can not do it there's only one thing left to do
But I digress and I think about the love that we had
When your parents came between us wave goodbye to your Dad
Fire took your Mother too I guess you used to much gasoline
and its a shame about your sister seems it took her head off clean
Now were both alone and I know you know what I mean
And as I'm rotting inside this cell your bodies rotting by the stream
Remembering back guess its all still a shame
but its better to end it now then continue live in pain
Love lust and death its all one cruel game
Maybe you never knew it but your family knows my name.

(Chorus 2X)
I love you always forever.Near and far, closer together.
Everywhere, I will be with you. Everything I will do for you...

With the standards of the day our love may need to slightly adjust
But I know what true true love is and to love her a must
Out of the darkness that consumes me away from the rust and the dust
I find myself lusting for the only one I truly trust
Now knowing what needs to be done to relieve my internal strife
To retrieve what is rightfully mine and taking back my beloved wife
I want,no, I need to have her back within my life
But alone inside the backyard I'm just a shadow with a knife
Still watching her thru the window she's gently stroking on her hair
I shivering cold, I'm quivering here I doubt she would even care
Headlights shining in the driveway causing me to be blinded by the glare
It better not be him again I know she would never even dare
I came to tell you gladly that all my feelings been growing madly
Now you're just trying to play me as if I were a game from Milton Bradly
Now I have to tell you sadly you've been sentenced like Steven Adley
Dental records will need to be pulled to identify the bodies beaten so badly
My memories I can evade, how could you put me through this charade
It's time to end this masquerade with serrated sharpness of my blade
No need to play afraid the razor sings your last serenade
Cause nothing will dissuade me it's time for your life to slowly fade

(Chorus till end)

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