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Something snapped inside my mind way back when I was younger
Every time I looked round I saw these souls to plunder
The fever the hunger did you think you'd ever wonder
If anyone can hear you when you're screaming 6 feet under
So follow in my footsteps and you will not be misled
You try to change your fait but you can't kill what once was dead
Others fled, flying lead, gallons bled pools of red
While I'm feeding you the pieces of the backside of your head
When I'm carving it up you know I eat the flesh raw
Round one daddy's full fisted swinging it southpaw
Lyrics so strong when I hits it hard-core
While I'm slicing hacking tearing like a 16 inch chainsaw
Through the eyes of a lunatic I watch the story
Unfold but the story wasn't told right
How do I know because I was there
And I watched the mutilation from the safety of my easy chair
I didn't do a thing as the straight blades cut her skin
I thought it was over then he poured gasoline in
As he lit a match I caught a glimpse of his face
But how was I to know that was me standing in his place
I know she'd be kicking if she wasn't nailed to the board
Throat no sound bound down by the extension cord
With the laughter in my head from the absence of a soul
I ended her pain screwdriver to the skull

We proclaim are reign as the ruler of this game
This fame was gained from the souls we've claimed
No one to blame as you feel the pain of six disciples of hell
We proclaim are reign as the ruler of this game
This fame was gained from the souls we've claimed
No one to blame as you feel the pain of six disciples of hell

My mind is going crazy with this mass disorder
Your mom's slinging rocks on the neighborhood corner
See I'm locked in a cell with no food or water
Cigarette burns if I didn't obey the orders
Now I'm on the scene sporting white, gold and green
Your face is turning white like the ghost on Halloween
So I might be nice but I won't think twice
To pry out your eyes and rip out your spleen
Flip ya in a camel clutch and brake down your spine
Blow you away with my daddy's tech nine
Got sent to a shrink who said I was just fine
But he pissed me off so I stabbed him 20 times
As I look into your eyes I can see the fear
While my razor pirouettes across your neck from ear to ear
On my wicked train we ride together I'm the engineer
I keep your 20 toes and fingers as a souvenir
You try to run away of course you try to hide
So do the faceless millions 30 seconds before they died
Failed to stop me long ago in a chair on which I fried
Now I got your cranium cracked open five foot wide
Hope and faith can not escape the horror that iv spun
No matter how you scream and squirm the tortures just for fun
Finish your prayers at night and pray the terror never comes
Ill paint the walls with your neck and my shot gun


Got a shotgun in my hand and I'm standing by your bed
Like Alice in wonderland off with your head
Hack up your body like I dropped out of premed
My evil is a disease and its ready to be spread
Creeping through the cemetery searching through the obituary
My evil is profound and it's becoming legendary
Second day in January the killing time begins
This madness was the taught it's completely hereditary
I'll stick that hanger up your nose and pull out your brain
Stuff it in a blender then I'll pour it down the drain
My morals disappeared now I'm completely insane
You better pray to god that your dash don't meet your brain
You awoken by the choking from the stab ten inches deep
A present that I gave to you while you were deep asleep
Oh no my friend it's not over and done
For you to die so soon would ruin my fun
Murder her murder her you're my next piece of work
Know that I'm not lying when I say it's gonna hurt
Knife in my hand police at the door
I'm caught red handed cause her head is on the floor
In front of the judge the jury my peers
But my plea for insanity falls on deaf ears
So don't cry for me I offer no apologies
Pull the switch go ahead fry me

(Chorus till end)

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