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After my heart stopped a beating it was time to begin
Because you can't destroy my evil just like you can't resist sin
Although my body is not moving and my blood no longer flowing
Retribution from the dead is real so watch the crops you're sewing
No rest among the wicked so my soul cannot be stopped
Now tell me how many slits until your head drops
You see I came a long way back to find the mortal souls I seek
For those who damaged many others and that prey upon the weak
The final nail placed in my coffin is when you thought the nightmare ends
But further plugged into the darkness you will find yourself my friend
Force yourself conscious but the sleep can not be woken
Made to walk among the living actions never become spoken
Finally snap yourself awake, find my already choking
Now I'm squeezing and shaking till your necks broken
So there isn't an escape for your soul can not survive
Even in death final sting you'll feel the hate I kept alive

The last time my eyes shut you thought I faded to black
Cause even when they're dead you know sometimes they come back
The last time my eyes shut you thought I faded to black
Even when they're dead you know sometimes they come back

It was a night just like this I can remember it well
My last night before I was sentenced to this earthly cell
And I still hear his voice and remember his face
And he better be praying to God that I don't get out of this place
Cause I'm coming back to get him when I break the surface soil
It was three years ago that I shed this mortal coil
And you toil and awaited my resurrection
There's a trail of blood and it heading in your direction
Better lock your doors and windows and have eyes in the back of your head
Cause I'm going to avenge my death just like my tombstone said
Even though my blood was removed from me along time ago
It doesn't mean there wasn't enough to let my hate for you to grow
As I appear before you and your eyes are open wide
Now you know what its like to know your going to die
This time the advantage is mine
I guess you thought it was fair when you hit me from behind
My hands wrapped tight around your throat I want you looking to my eyes
The reflection of your self and you watch your own demise
There's no escape from my vengeance of reign
I guess you thought it was fun when you torture, kill and maim
But you're about to the discover the true meaning of pain
I want your dying words to be you gasping my name


Scratching and I'm scraping at the lining of my coffin
Cracking sound from the casket rigor mortis has set in
Time to rise up from the deepest sleep in which I call my prison
You see you thought the book was over but it's merely just beginning
When I started running towards you I felt a burning from within
Six bullets tearing ripping the cutting straight through my skin
As my lip body falls to the ground my blood runs thin
Right before it started disembodiment kick in
My cold heart no longer beats so I feel no remorse
And path I've entered down is the one dark chosen course
As I'm walking down the hall to the big white pearly gates
I hear a voice inside my head screaming heaven can wait
Came for you once as a zombie back in Michael Jackson's thriller
See I didn't know it then but I'd become a serial killer
You know I'm bad to the bone causes all I got left
I'll steal your soul before your eyes cause to me it's petty theft

(Chorus till end)

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