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Lullaby for the insane
Got murder on the brain
I'm first in this game
I'll slit your throat now your slain
I'm Metal J the Grim Raper (Raper)
I'll put your name in the paper (Paper)
That bitch don't want to have sex
Well fuck it I'll make her
A Twisted individual
You’ll die will have a sidual
Me and your mom ain't that a fucked up visual
So you think that I'm crazy
Cause my brain goes hazy
The cops want to chase me for that rape
Can you blame me?
I dropped my sick brain on this track
Totally institutionalized you can't fuck with that
Maybe you should get down on your knees and pray
Metal J, Metal J, Metal J, Metal J
Aww shit, what? I got blood on my coat
Let me clear my throat (nana nana nana na)

I'm cleaning up the blood as your lying their slain
Lullaby for the insane, LULLABY FOR THE INSANE
I'm sittin' here laughin' and there's no one to blame
Lullaby for the insane, LULLABY FOR THE INSANE
Your shit talking bitch now it's time you felt the pain
Lullaby for the insane, LULLABY FOR THE INSANE
You'll never breathe another breath
Lullaby for the insane, LULLABY FOR THE INSANE

Hush little baby don't you cry
Slit your throat and watch you die
Out the window your corpse will fly
That's why this is my lullaby
Entropy is the name I'm certifiably insane
Fucked in the brain but you won't hear me complain
Aiming for your neck like a rooster on a chopping block
My fists cold swinging like a chain and pad lock
My first day out the mental ward
Motherfuck them and everyone aboard
I don't think I am sick just a hypochondriac
"Who loves ya baby" just like Teley Kojack
Or Starvros, his partner in crime
I'll kill you faster then heroin killed the guy from Sublime


Daddy Long Legs is in the set so you can start the parades
Im the messenger of evil so come join my crusades
Styles blowing bigger than a crate of hand grenades
Cause Wolfpac love spreading quicker than Aids
A voice like the devil and a mind like a psycho
I'll creep you from behind and then I'll stick ya like Michael
Myers so don't forget the pliers, or the roll of barbedwires
Listing to me like I was Jacoby and Myers
I touch my private parts in public more than Peewee Herman
This lullaby of madness flows from Daddy Long Legs sermon
Your stupid asses dumb so now it's time I beat a learning
Throw your girlfriend to her knees cause when she drops my butters churning
With J and Entropy you know we laid a strong foundation
When it comes to whack ass rappers the only end is (extermination)


As I awake from my sleep
My thoughts they start to creep
You're just another mark on the wall
The seventh one this week
I'll kill you with ease
And stick my knife and deep
And cut out different pieces
Cause souvenirs I like to keep
Like your head or your heart or maybe just your eyes
I get the deepest pleasure just from hearing your final cries
But your body is not dying and clinging onto life
So I stuffed you in my cabinet that was made by Duncan Phyfe
You won't be he forever just long enough to suffer
You shouldn't feel so bad I did the same thing to your mother
And your father and next will be your brother
As soon as they all dead yeah I'll move onto another
But now we are finished and your final breath has come
Your organs sprawled across these walls this lullaby is done

(Chorus till end)

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