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Chuck D was a hero to me
My friends like Huey Lewis and I like Public Enemy
If you were Michael Knight id be his evil twin Garth
I'd be Jean-Luc Picard and you would be Worf
My name is MSG and I do what I want
And I never get served in a Chinese restaurant
The things that I do are for the thrill of the hunt
And I'm gunning on down my rivals like I am Charles DuPont
I got you on the edge will you take the plunge
I got your girl so wet that she needs a sponge or a squeegee
Do you wish that you could be me
If you touch me to your tongue I'm twice as potent as ecstasy
But wait there's more and if you add quick
I'll make you more jolly then old Saint Nick
Cause I'm rocky balboa and your Clubber Lang
I am wild berry Kool-Aid and your plain old Tang

(Chorus 2X)
You know your going to get lit when the lights go out
You know were going to get lit when the lights go out
You know were going to get lit when the lights go out
You know we're gonna get lit but are you gonna get lit

Got your girlly so damn wet you'll drown within her puddle
I'm blowing up all over like the Challenger space shuttle
So she stuffs my number in her pocket for a rainy day
I'm like a bad taste in your mouth kid cause I just won't go away
You can call me Ray J Johnson you're the kid from Eight is Enough
I clock the ladies while you're busy dating HR Puffin Stuff
So then I Transform but your a Gobot
My lyrics flow like Homer Simpson flows to donuts
So it's three more chops but your legs kept kicking
Like the Colonel's chicken ladies think I'm finger licking
You never see me coming head to toe in camouflage
Ill drop you like a one hit wonder change your name to El Debarge
I owe my sexy body to the one called Pop N Fresh
I'm Luciano Pavarotti and your John Tesh
So ladies assume the position bear that ass I'm goina spank
As the captain of this pirate ship I'll make you walk this plank


Mad ass is here to set this shit off straight
My rhymes come at your strong served on the silver-plate
Got a rhyme for every reason and the reason for every rhyme
With the Pac on my side everything just fine
Some say I'm rude as hell but I don't give a damn
I'm like Hannibal the cannibal from Silence of the Lambs
When the Pac in trouble never turn my back and run
I'm down with this forever cause it's just too much fun
I've been around the block so I won't be conned
I just got out of jail on a $10,000 bond
From head to toe see him covered in ink
Life goes by so fast if I was you I would blink
Standing 6 foot tall and I'm ready to swing
So when you open up your eyes you've been stripped of everything
I'll go shooting through your veins like some cooked up heroin
I'll have you shaken in your shoes like some Jell-o gelatin

(Chorus till end)

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