"Holy fuck" is all that comes to mind when we think back about this years Hallowicked! The one night a year where Insane Clown Posse schools the shit out of Halloween and Juggalos travel from all over just to catch this show! WOLFPAC was given the honor and privilege of holding down Psychopathic flagship radio station, W-FUCKOFF Radio live from the event for everyone at home that couldn't make it out!

From the second the doors opened things just kept on getting bigger and better as the one, the only JCW's senior official, that's right OG Kevin Gill, joined WOLFPAC's Daddy Long Legs and Buddha to ref the entire broadcast! KG came through and held it down for the entire radio show, giving color commentary and a play by play on the WOLFPAC Mystery Box Challenge. What is the WOLFPAC Mystery Box, you might ask? It is a box made of high quality polycarbonate, laser etched with logos and designs and containing a mystery substance or item!

W-FUCKOFF's very own Upchuck the Clown came through and got down with the WOLFPAC Mystery Box Challenge. His guess, a chicken breast or some organ! Unfortunately he was only half right! Though he was in there fondling what the box contained for quite some time, much like the others, he failed at guessing what was actually in the box. The contents of this box were revealed at the very end as we were signing off just as ICP was getting ready to take the stage!

Boom! ICP took the stage and began rocking the fuck out of the Fillmore with a track list of freshness! Then Twiztid comes out and does 3 songs and flips 5,000 wigs right there on the spot! If that aint enough then Shaggy 2 Dope kicks one of his solo songs then Violent J kicks one of his songs, and halfway through the 2nd to last song Violent J stops and says, "Oh I almost forgot, time to reveal the next Jokers Card, and his name is, THE MIGHTY DEATH POP!" Once the Card was revealed it was time for the always-fresh Faygo Armageddon! Daddy Long Legs and Buddha had the privilege of joining the family on stage and finishing out the show spraying the Juggalos and Juggalettes with ten tons of Faygo!

All in all this Hallowicked was dope as hell and being there first hand to witness the unveiling of the new Jokers Card was historic! Big thanks to all of Psychopathic for extending the opportunity and much love to all of the Juggalos and Juggalettes who made this Hallowicked the freshest one to date!


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