Farewell to a friend and a close family member, George Bowe is remembered

George F. Bowe
January 23rd 1941 to October 2nd 2003

As we were waking up from a great TWIZTID / WOLFPAC Buffalo NY show and we get a call in our hotel that morning from Daddy Long Leg's mother, informing us that late that night, just before midnight Daddy's father George Bowe peacefully took his last breath. He went very peacefully and by his own choice, holding his wife's hand all day and then slowly letting himself go. It was apparent after the complications on his stomach surgery, that he was not healing well and compounded with the fight against lung and brain cancer George simply wanted to go home to be with the Lord. He held off cancer for eight months, he kept fighting complications like a adema and then this stomach surgery and he was just exhausted.

The reason we are telling you this? Many do not know this but Daddy's father, George was a huge reason and supporter in how and why Daddy's first band The BloodHound Gang and now WOLFPAC was able to achieve what that have achieved and still do what it has done over the years. He was one of these fathers who was proud in his son's achievements, who helped get behind them and his band mates and many a times his contributions to both bands is what was needed to take them to the next level. This is rare in a person and if not for his efforts the likelihood of either band existing or succeeding would have been slim to none. Trust me when I say, George Bowe was one of those behind the scenes players that will truly be missed.

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