Every year at the Gathering of the Juggalos WOLFPAC has been given the honor to host Psychopathic TV formerly Psychopathic Radio formerly W-WFuckOffRadio live from the gathering grounds on stage to put on a live radio show to entertain, awe and amuse! Every year we bring cornucopia of competitions for everyone who would like to compete in for the coveted Psychopathic Prize bag and every year regardless of how many other contests we design for you all the most popular contest, the one all the Jugglaos want to see and take part in is the Bare Knuckle Boxing competition! Far be it from us to not indulge the Juggalo nation and give the people what they want! The rules are simple, two men enter, three 2 minute rounds and the winner is determent by tap out, knock out or the decision of the Juggalos! So here we go...3...2...1...Fight! This competition is brought to you by CRUNK Energy Drink, PieceMaker Gear and COLDCOCK Whiskey!

The JuggerNut Vs Juggalo John Cena: Fight #1

In the first of eight Bare Knuckle Boxing matches held at The 19th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos we find the returning almost last year champion Juggalo John Cena and clearly crowd favorite putting his meaty pecks and determined stare up against the new comer The JuggerNut to see who has what it takes to move on!

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The JuggerNut Vs Canada: Fight #2

In this the second installment of eight Bare Knuckle Boxing matches held at The 19th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos hosted by WOLFPAC we see last match's return champion The JuggerNut up against a long time Gathering Bare Knuckle Boxing veteran and bomb dropper Canada! It's an all-out slugfest war with this one when the calculated striking of The JuggerNut get pitted up against the bomb dropping fists and aerodynamic back hair of Canada! You won't want to miss a second!

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Maranda (from Atlanta) VS: Sara (from Michigan): Fight #3

In fight #3 it's an all-out cat fight when these two kitties skip the scratching and open up a 12 pack of whoop ass on each other! These gals are out for more than equal rights they want equal hits and blood, blood, blood and no doubt one of these fine outstanding young ladies will deliver a few pints for the Juggalos!

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Billy B VS: Heathen: Fight #4

Its fight #4 where these too heavyweights Billy B and Heathen go toe to toe and blow for blow as anything goes in the Gathering of the Juggalos Bare Knuckle Boxing Competition on Psychopathic TV hosted by WOLFPAC! Heavy hands and thick skulls as these two hulks leave it all in the ring / cage / thing we built out of barricade parts for these ninjas to fight in! Its anyone guess how this one turns out but one things rest assured it’s going to be brutal!

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