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Interview with former Misfits front man Michale Graves

In honor of Michale Graves launching his brand new site we figured we would make available the all exclusive Michale Graves / Michale Graves Michale Graves extended interview we shot when Michale sat down with Daddy Long Legs and Buddha McKeone of WOLFPAC a few months ago for The WOLFPAC Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Show on Psychopathic TV! The version we aired on our two-hour broadcast was hardly the tip of the ice burg as we had to condense it down big time for that broadcast but this extended version covers a whole lot more of the evenings conversation including the good, the band, the great and the awful! So if you're a Misfits fan or just a Graves fan make sure you check out this interview in its entirety available now at WOLFPAC.TV and make sure you also check out Michale Graves brand new site where you can now full support the artist directly without any middle man interference! Enjoy!

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Interview with Strange Music's Prozak

Check out this super fresh interview with Strange Music's own Prozak during the "Welcome To the Underground Tour" directly from a very haunted and well know supernatural location in the mid west that shall remain nameless due to their insurance issues! A few drained equipment batteries later and some very interesting happenings behind the camera later what we are left with is a dope interview with one of the undergrounds juggernauts who refuses to fit any mold or preconceived notions and has been forging a massively successful carrier in both the music industry as well as the film industry! If you didn't get a chance to check this out when it aired on The WOLFPAC Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Show via Psychopathic TV now you can watch it any time at WOLFPAC.TV!

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